Social Permaculture for Community Building: Design for Intangibles

An evening of discussion and active participation in Thinking and Learning about Design, Permaculture, Communities and how things ought to be, and how to get there.

February 15

6:30pm - 8:30pm


Evening Facilitator: Michael Becker (MEd)

Michael is the Program Coordinator and Teacher for the FACS (Food and Conservation Science) Program at Hood River Middle School a public School in Hood River, OR. The FACS program deeply integrates students into design issues and follows a Permaculture inspired curriculum to design highly functional and productive solutions. Michael has spent the past 20 years refining ways to help students internalize and personalize their role as lifelong learners in this world. The FACS program serves as a model for what can be accomplished when one commits to a location, rolls up their sleeves and sees a bigger vision for kids and communities.

Key Elements of the Evening
  • What is the current functional role of Permaculture?

  • Using Permaculture as a Transformational Tool in our teaching, interactions, classrooms and front porches. Pushing for rigor, persistence, resilience and more productive, connected and beautiful communities.

  • The movement away from Transmissive Education toward the Transformative process.

  • A visual, community-design format tool that allows movement towards resilience, consensus, and common vision that can be communicated clearly to others.

  • Realizing you are not alone or crazy, and there are lots of others ready to get to work!


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