A goddess party to bring women and girls of all ages together to have fun and build a trusting community.


October 5, 2013

1:00pm to 5:00pm


(however we will collect small donations of $10.00

for women's shelters in Sonoma County)



"Females with an Unstoppable Nature" (FUN) is a new project opening in Sonoma County for Girls and women of all ages to come together as a community and have fun together.

It is to introduce women to each other in a fun environment to build a trusting, caring community of sisters; like our ancestors had not so very long ago. We will have dancing, poetry and story reading, goddess naming, tarot card reading and special offerings brought by the women who choose to attend. A door prize will be drawn. If it suits you, wear your favorite Goddess clothing and bring something special to share on the alter we will make together.
FUN will donate all extra proceeds to a Women' s Shelter or Non-profit to benefit Women of Sonoma County. Come join the FUN!