Every Friday!



Transcendental Acoustic Songs
 11:30AM - 2:00PM

Toberxara's music carries and transmits universal messages of love, harmony and of possibilities beyond this current collective reality. Inspired by the profoundly innovative music of Nick Drake, he utiliizes alternate tunings to create an ethereal yet rooted guitar sound which is accomplished through intricate finger-style picking. Atop the rich musical soundscapes he adds melodic vocals accented with flares of falsetto. Above all, his mission is to utilize music to allow others to experience a deeper felt-sense of life through immersing in the present moment. He sees music as a powerful vehicle for Co-creation: through the listener's openness and receptivity they draw out from the performer greater inspiration, creating an infinitely expanding spiral of connection where the veils that often create the illusion of separation simply fall away. A healer, he lives a transparent life, which he aspires to shine through the gift of music.