with Dana Pearlman, Jeff Aitken, Rachel Kaplan

Sunday, November 24
10:00am - 5:00pm

Our Practitioners Dojo is a place to get inspired, hone skills, share new learnings, and generate collaborations to serve people and planet at wider scales.

The Art of Hosting is a set of methods and designs to foster participatory leadership in response to the needs of our time. The Dojo will focus on practices for participatory leaders: How can we “host ourselves” to play leadership roles in ways that are effective, collaborative, and sustainable.

We will engage each other with Storytelling, Embodiment, Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, and other potent hosting practices. We will deepen our connection to our work and to one another. And we will hone the meaningful questions and conversations that will inspire change in ourselves, our organizations, and our communities.

This workshop is for people who are learning the Art of Hosting and anyone who would like a taste of how the Art of Hosting works.

Fee: $75 is the recommended cost to cover hosting fees and space rental. We do not want costs to be prohibitive. Please pay what you can plus a little bit more to create an economy where everyone who wants to participate can do so. Some may pay more and some less than $75. Lunch from Lydia’s kitchen will be additional (*). Or you can go offsite to eat. Please note that food may not be brought into the site.

To register, please contact Rachel Kaplan at contact@RachelKaplanMFT.net, or via phone 415-269-2721.