Sunday October 13th

5:00pm - 7:00pm


This informative presentation, based on the book of the same name, lifts the veil of secrecy surrounding animal farming, offering a rare look inside the world of alternative animal agriculture. Conscious consumers are becoming aware that farmed animals are living in misery and deserve to live a happy life. They are demanding compassionate and sustainable alternatives with their consumer dollars and the industry is responding, offering a wide array of alternative animal product labels. But are these new descriptions just deceptive buzz words helping an industry sell products to unsuspecting customers endeavoring to make ethical choices?

Drawing on peer-reviewed research, worker and rescuer testimony and meeting the farmed animals themselves, The Ultimate Betrayal explores the recent shift in labeling animals processed for food and the misinformation around this new way of farming.  Small scale farms are the latest craze, local is the new black and various methods of alternative animal agriculture with feel-good labels are all the rage. It is now popular to express that your eggs are cage-free and that your meat is organic. But is this trend really the answer to the plentiful problems of raising animals for food? What do the labels really mean? Is free-range better for the environment? Is organic more humane? Is there really happy meat? This presentation offers answers to these critical questions.

 Photo Credits to 'Animal Place'



About the Author:

Hope Bohanec has been active in animal protection and environmental activism for over 20 years and recently published the book The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat? She is a nationally recognized leader and speaker in the animal protection movement, and offered her organizational talents as the Campaigns Director at In Defense of Animals. Hope was the Sonoma County Coordinator for Proposition 2 and soon after that victory, she co-founded the Sonoma County based Compassionate Living. She is also the primary organizer for the annual Conscious Eating Conference at UC Berkeley and is currently working on a vegan themed sci-fi novel.