The Sunflower Center Vision

Food is a powerful and personal medium for reconnecting people with the planet.  The mission of The Sunflower Center is to use nutritious food, creative space and education to cultivate community, promote ecological stewardship and increase the welfare of all beings.  The Center aims to strengthen the bonds between small businesses, farmers, musicians, artists, healers and the general community while advocating biological and cultural diversity to create a model that can be multiplied to heal people and the planet.


Nutritious Foods

  • Live Foods, Sprouts, Great Salads
  • Gluten free baked goods,
  • Healthy pizzas, special crepes
  • Fresh Juices, wheatgrass & beverages
  • Juice fasting
  • Nutritional education on the benefits of a plant-based diet


Creative Space

  • Live musical performances, jams and classes
  • Small scale, all-ages community theater
  • Craft workshops (knitting, macramé, basketry, etc.)



  • Holistic heath center
  • Nutrition workshops
  • Green business consulting
  • Environmental outreach programs



  • Morning Tai Chi/Chi Gong and yoga classes
  • Cultural theme nights blending meals, music, dance and theater
  • Speakers on nutrition, spirituality and environmental issues 
  • Farmer meet 'n greets